June 16, 2021

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Age of Conan Information – Degree 80 Darkish Templar PVP Construct and Evaluate

The extent 80 PVP spec’ed DT

Basic feedback on leveling:

Whereas I made this information, The Darkish Templar (DT) appeared a little bit “gimped” from ranges 1-25, in a position to deal with his personal, however not way more. From stage 25 to 45 you’ll discover that the Darkish Templar (DT) begins to come back into his personal power, on this space you must be capable to simply deal with 3-4 mobs your stage or 2-3 mobs a stage above you. (That is with minimal downtime) From 45 to 65 the DT actually turns into sturdy; something your individual stage turns into a waste of time. Above 65 mobs even 3-4 ranges above you’re honest searching recreation so long as you don’t pull too many. You’ll discover that extra then different lessons the DT turns into very depending on correctly positioned feat factors, much more then precise gear. The DT additionally appears to be a “late bloomer”, not likely coming into his personal power till 65+.

Talent factors:

Bandaging and Quick Therapeutic I’ve at 500. This appears to work effective with getting HP up between fights.

Restoration and quick Restoration I even have at 500. Stamina is the first downside with DT’s when leveling solo. You may even contemplate taking 100 factors from bandaging and 100 factors from Quick Restoration and placing them into Restoration and Quick restoration.

I’ve 200 in Endurance and 200 into Run Velocity. These had been each used till I purchased a mount. For finish recreation PvP, you could want to put 400-500 into run velocity. (You DO NOT use dash in finish recreation PvP, except you’re pleased with popping stam pots.)

Climbing has 450 solely due to a climb level in Aztel’s Strategy. (There’s a shortcut there that you have to climb with the intention to use it)

Hiding has zero as this talent is just not wanted in any respect, in finish recreation PvP you need others to see you, with the intention to come after you rather than the healers and nukers.

Notion has zero as I merely didn’t have sufficient factors to position right here. If you will use notion you will want to have this capped at 80 for use successfully, and with a DT you can not afford to do that.

Taunt has zero as this isn’t a PvE construct.

I do have 152 factors left over, nonetheless I’m saving these in case there’s a climb level in a raid/group dungeon that has a 600 level requirement. If this seems to not be a priority, it’s going to go into run velocity.

The Feats:

Educated Feats

  • Blighted Touch5/5
  • Blighted Soul5/5
  • Darkish Hand5/5
  • Devouring Blood Frenzy3/3
  • Devourer’s Might5/5
  • Incinerate Ether1/1
  • Dissipate Ether3/3
  • Dread Lord1/1
  • Combo – Thoughts Wrack1/1
  • Hexer’s Might5/5
  • Contact of Death5/5
  • Combo – Thoughts Shatter1/1
  • Unholy Strength5/5
  • Dread Shadow1/1
  • Educated Feats
  • Devouring Touch5/5
  • Spell – Covenant of Arms5/5
  • Vigor Leech5/5
  • Curse of Gwahlur5/5
  • Ether Leech1/1
  • Corrupt Weapon2/2
  • Strategy of Death1/1
  • Improved Soul Covenants1/1
  • Spell – Soul Barrier1/3
  • Recovery5/5
  • Improved Frenzy Stance2/5


I did have some reservations about placing any factors in any respect on this tree. As such I solely put 5 in restoration, for the reason that Regen is half respectable for the 5 factors. The two factors in improved frenzy stance are “left overs” that I didn’t see a greater place for. The remainder of the tree appears largely for protection aside from Sustained Rage, which I didn’t have sufficient factors to get. Keep in mind it is a PvP construct, NOT a PvE or raid construct. In PvP you aren’t a chief goal, healers and nukers are, and as such you’ll be able to typically afford to be in frenzy stance to take down the enemy healers and nukers.


  • Devouring Contact 5 factors: This starting tree talent provides to your lifetap.
  • Covenant of Arms 5 factors: This, IMO, is the most effective Covenant to run for DPS.
  • Vigor Leech 5 factors: This isn’t an non-obligatory talent, the bane of a DT is stamina, and this stamina leech is a will need to have for PvE and PvP. This additionally results in Ether Leech.
  • Talisman Mastery 0 factors: I’ve not discovered a single respectable talisman, and dropping the defend doesn’t appear to be clever.
  • Curse of Gwahlur 5 factors: First rate talent that offers you well being, causes injury, and appears to proc decently.
  • Ether Leech 1 level: Only one level right here is superior for a mana leech. (Word I do have Soul Barrier)
  • Corrupt Weapon: 2 factors: Just a little disenchanted right here because it doesn’t do a lot injury and it doesn’t proc a lot, nonetheless I used to be pressured to position 2 factors to get the later Soul Barrier)
  • Improved Dread Fury 0 factors: I can not even solid a primary buff of this as I get an error {that a} extra highly effective spell is presently in impact.(Covenant of Arms) So there was no must waste factors right here, I exploit Aura of Infusion which is superior for survivability.
  • Strategy of Demise 1 level: Only one level wanted right here, I do discover it occasionally, not an enormous profit although.
  • Improved Martyrdom 0 factors: I’m not a healer, though this does do a great enhance to well being, I didn’t want to spend the factors on this.
  • Improved Soul Covenants: 1 level: Superior talent for only one level, it’s supposed to lift the proc % of the covenant itself.
  • Soul Barrier 1 level: This can be a controversial talent, whenever you solid this (Lasts 20 seconds) injury is utilized to your mana pool earlier than your precise well being pool. If you happen to do have time to solid it, it’s an superior spell. The one unhealthy factor is the solid time, for those who get jumped you would not have time to make use of it, nonetheless in case your group is initializing the PvP, it is a very nasty bonus. Word that I did take the 2 stuns within the different tree, utilizing certainly one of them does give me time to solid it in solo PvP, and popping a mana pot works wonders whereas underneath its results.


  • Blighted Contact 5 factors: Superior feat provides DPS and procs decently.
  • Blighted Soul 5 factors: Mainly makes Blighted contact an AOE; nonetheless the opposite talent within the tree is ineffective.
  • Crystallized Ether 0 factors: Complete waste, the one time you employ mana is to buff, even you probably have Soul Barrier, the defend will drop quicker then this talent will replenish it, use a mana pot as an alternative.
  • Darkish Hand 5 factors: Primary DPS add to your melee weps.
  • Devouring Blood Frenzy 3 factors: Since I do usually hit frenzy prepping for PvP this gave the impression to be a good funding of three factors. I’ve not observed a big distinction so I could examine this extra sooner or later. It’s supposed to offer you some well being whereas in frenzy stance.
  • Consuming Bulwark 0 factors: I don’t do defensive stance in PvP so it is a waste.
  • Pact of Malacodor 0 factors: Since I already frenzy I didn’t wish to take a big well being hit to trigger extra injury.
  • Devourer’s May 5 factors: DPS enhance to an already highly effective combo, I had no downside spending the 5 factors right here.
  • Darkish Burden 0 factors: I initially had this feat, nonetheless you needed to be very shut and I merely didn’t appear to have time to make use of it in PvP. As a tank class I’m chasing healers and casters, I can stun them. Even when I’m caught chasing them, what good is a healer/nuker to the enemy workforce if they’re always operating?
  • Dissipate Ether 3 factors: Wanted this to trigger double injury with incinerate ether. (Mana and HP)
  • Incinerate Ether 1 level: 1 level to double injury? Heck yeah.
  • Vile Soul 0 factors: I’ve fairly a couple of reservations about Sadism with a DT, the PBAOE is barely double digit injury when it procs, nearly ineffective within the quick tempo PvP battles.
  • Sadistic Glee 0 factors: One other Sadism feat.
  • Dread Lord 1 level: For 1 level you can not complain about decreasing cooldown on combos, even when it isn’t an enormous discount.
  • Reaper of Malacodor 0 factors: Want Pact of Malacodor for this.
  • Thoughts Wrack 1 level: 1 Level for a stun potential, superior.
  • Ether Reap 0 factors: Is not going to waste 5 factors for the tiny mana Regen after I use Mystical Bane.
  • Hexer’s May 5 factors: One other feat that provides DPS to a strong combo.
  • Gore Fiend 0 factors: Sadism Feat
  • Masochism 0 factors: Sadism Feat
  • Contact of Demise 5 factors: Superior talent for one shotting (Combo) casters
  • Air of Demise 0 factors: First rate talent nonetheless it’s essential to use Contact of loss of life to set off it. TOD has too lengthy of a cooldown to justify this feat.
  • Sadistic Vengeance 0 factors: Sadism Feat.
  • Thoughts Shatter 1 level: 1 Level for a extra highly effective stun, simple level placement right here. Word the 2 stuns are on totally different cooldown timers.
  • Unholy Power 5 factors: Raises DPS of ALL combos.
  • Drain Power 0 factors: Wished to position one right here, however since I hunt healers and caster power is meaningless to them.
  • Ravenous Eater 0 factors: Didn’t have the preq for this.
  • Dread Shadow 1 level: This was the biggest disappointment. Sure the talent works, nonetheless the pet spawns for a really brief time 5 – 10 seconds. This could have been a 3 level feat at 10 seconds per level. Only one level, however nearly ineffective.

Source by Mads Vangsoe