September 18, 2021

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Do Vampire Bats Actually Drink Blood?

Bats are extremely helpful creatures amongst us in nature. They devour hundreds of bugs, like pesky mosquitos, every evening, per bat! That is wonderful pest management for summer season cookouts and yard bonfires. However in addition they have a foul fame amongst individuals, largely as a result of they prefer to take shelter in attics and different darkish areas of a house, inflicting structural damages and smelly messes. However one other strike for them has to do with concern. Many individuals imagine they are going to assault people; and a few even concern they are going to suck their blood! However that is removed from the reality. Bats will not be prone to assault an individual until provoked, however there’s one species that does drink blood. It’s referred to as the vampire bat! Proceed studying to study extra about this bat and the way is drinks blood to outlive.

Eating regimen

There are a number of completely different species of vampire bat: the widespread vampire bat, the hairy-legged vampire bat, and the white-winged vampire bat. All of them feed completely on blood and nothing else; a dietary trait referred to as hemotophagy. However don’t concern, they aren’t after human blood like the flicks counsel. As an alternative, these bats devour the blood of different kinds of mammals. The widespread vampire bat prefers the blood of cows and horses; whereas the opposite two species feed totally on pigs, goats, and birds.


Vampire bats don’t use echolocation to hunt. They at all times method their prey from the bottom and hunt on the darkest a part of evening. They crawl onto their prey and make a small chew with their razor-sharp tooth above a vein. As blood oozes out of the small chew they made, they lap up the blood for as much as thirty minutes. This doesn’t harm the host in any respect. Some don’t even discover. It is like giving blood with out the lollipop on the finish! They’ve a particular chemical of their saliva that acts as an anticoagulant or blood thinner. The chemical prevents the blood from clotting whereas the bat feeds. Bats even have a particular sensor of their noses that detects warmth, permitting them to simply find a dependable vein of their prey.

Nuisance Issues

If in case you have a nuisance bat drawback close to your property, name a wildlife elimination contractor for skilled bat elimination and management providers. By no means lure, hurt, or kill any wildlife. Professionals retain the correct licensing, instruments, and coaching to soundly and humanely take away nuisance wildlife and stop their return.

Source by Sarahbeth Kluzinski