September 28, 2021

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Ethereal Darkness

Haunting is the howl of the lone wolf throughout a moonlit night time. What’s the wolf saying to the skinny air? What message is the wolf conveying to in anyway that hears it? Ethereal Mild and Ethereal Darkness know the wolf and its message.

Out of Ethereal Darkness got here Ethereal Mild. That Ethereal Mild ignited into Spheres and Worlds. These Spheres and Worlds gave delivery to many components and creatures.

Out of Ethereal Darkness got here every thing that’s. Every thing that’s refreshes itself by transitioning into a brand new essence of being. This new being is the unchanging issue of eternity.

Ethereal Darkness holds all of the components of time and movement and induced the linear extensions to return about. Time and movement turned an array of many substances as Ethereal Darkness sung a Music that solely she is aware of.

The dazzling of All-Mom is the dazzling of wonders. These wonders are the amazements of the identified and the unknown. The aim of growth is to break down again into Ethereal Darkness, the place it existed earlier than All-Mom sung her Music. Growth wishes this due to the right purities of its former dwelling.

Haunting is the silent cry of a lonely particular person in the course of the day or the night time. Many are drowsing that appear totally awake. Ethereal Mild and Ethereal Darkness opens her quintessence for these in order that they might freely enter inside her.

A hard and fast world transforms in lower than an instantaneous. Every thing may be abruptly shaken out of its place in as quick an interval as silence is between the notes of a Music. The righteous and the virtuous are simply one other method of claiming completely nothing. Humanity wallows within the clutches of corruption that has been inflicted upon the world and its peoples by newcomers.

The matted flooring has mildew dwelling beneath it. A day within the lifetime of an individual is just one of many days that many cell tissues have died. Ethereal Mild and Ethereal Darkness know this all too effectively, toughening the hopeless and welcoming the lonely at coronary heart into time and movement.

Don’t weep with the weeper, nor snigger with the silly. Keep sound and agency to your particular person. Be daring in your functions, giving pleasure and peace to the world, starting with that one particular person. This isn’t a matter of doing what is anticipated of you, however doing all of your greatest to be your self in all that you simply say and do.

Source by Herbert Leon Hilliard