June 13, 2021

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The Distinction Between Soul and Spirit

Soul is one thing solely totally different than spirit. Soul is of manifested matter. Spirit isn’t. Spirit isn’t in a position to be caught and scientifically documented whereas soul is and will probably be sooner or later. Soul is the tiny spark {of electrical} vitality that enters the physique because the thought type. It’s on the middle of ethereal matter; it’s a small “wisp of cloud” (the ethereal matter) that has an infinitesimal pinprick of electrical energy embedded in it.

This wisp of cloud, the soul, takes up residence in no matter chakra has been decided that the soul desires to work and specific by way of in that life. It stays within the ethereal physique in that chakra’s vitality till the combining of the soul and persona takes place. At the moment it enters bodily matter and is embedded within the bodily organ that pertains to the chakra that was chosen. This soul then permeates the mind with messages, sending them by way of the nervous system to the mind the place they’re then processed and utilized by the mind to find out motion on the bodily airplane.

Ethereal matter is one thing that can’t be captured and held within the hand. It’s product of ether which is ambiance in a excessive vitality discipline, a rarefied ambiance, maybe, can be a greater technique to put it. Your ethereal physique surrounds your bodily type. It displaces the strong ambiance round your physique with a thinner, finer substance of upper vibrations. These larger vibrations mirror the prismatic colours differently than peculiar ambiance does. That is precisely the identical factor as a rainbow. Maybe that is the most effective description that may very well be given of ethereal matter, a rainbow. A rainbow is one thing you possibly can see and are conversant in, however you realize that you would be able to by no means contact it and also you additionally know that it’s actual as a result of you possibly can see it. Some individuals can see this discipline round matter such because the bodily physique. Know you then that that is what the thoughts is, the ethereal substance across the bodily organ known as the mind. The persona is constructed on high of the thoughts as a good lighter ethereal matter. The 2 turn out to be blended finally however they’re nonetheless ethereal matter. They by no means manifest in bodily matter.

The soul is an ally, if you’ll, of the bodily physique, a bridging component between bodily evolution and divine evolution or exoteric and esoteric evolution. Soul is the carry-over a part of the unique spark, the half that fires the engine, the tiny piece of nuclear vitality sitting in the course of the furnace that each one has fashioned round. It’s embedded within the emotional physique.

The quantity of affect the soul in incarnation has on the event of the persona will depend on two components. One is the genetic inventory the bodily type is from and the opposite is the non secular evolution of the incarnating entity. These within the larger planes have been experimenting with letting the extra advanced souls enter a extra extremely refined bodily type. They’re now starting to work with the concept that maybe this isn’t the suitable method and that the extra extremely advanced souls ought to enter the extra animalistic kinds. The souls that might tackle an incarnation comparable to this might earn “additional credit score” so far as their very own development.

This was what came about earlier than Atlantis was destroyed. Some souls volunteered to enter leaving half of themselves out of incarnation to find out if extra strictly male qualities in a male type and feminine qualities in a feminine type labored higher than having asexual souls enter single-sexed our bodies. It was discovered to work higher and all of human creation was restructured. These within the larger planes are attempting to find out if we’re at one other such milestone within the ongoing evolutionary progress of humanity.

It will depend on the mix of two components. A extremely refined bodily type coupled with a extremely advanced soul would have a lot affect over the everyday actions. An animalistic type would often be entered by one much less advanced and there can be little or no management. The implications are fairly apparent and maybe you possibly can see the idea for the considering of these within the larger planes as to having the extra advanced souls enter the extra animalistic kinds. At first there have been no controls over what piece of the divine spark entered what explicit animal type. This modified on the time of Atlantis and the coming into of our bodies began being regulated. Now maybe it’s time for one more extra tightly managed regulation to come back into impact.

Your soul in incarnation has information of the targets you arrange for this life, which karma (guilt over previous actions) you wished to erase, and what classes you wished to study so far as attitudes or conduct. Your soul is aware of itself and is aware of what its shortcomings are and what its strengths are. These strengths are the information you could have gained in earlier incarnations that you simply selected to convey into this lifetime to assist with the teachings and targets of this life. The soul on the interior planes is aware of all this.

Each halves of the soul, the one in incarnation and the one remaining on the interior planes, have complete full information of the trail of progress that needs to be taken by souls of their non secular quest. They’ve information of how the akashic information work; they’ve information of future phases of progress; they’ve information of previous evolutionary positive aspects by all kingdoms. There may be not a lot they have no idea concerning the non secular life. What they have no idea are the teachings that must be realized. These are how one can mix bodily matter with these non secular truths and produce this information again to the interior planes. This may assist type a extra extremely advanced soul that may expertise all that the Creator can expertise on this planet earlier than he strikes on. You see, all sparks that fell should all evolve again as much as be one with the Creator God earlier than any can transfer on. Subsequently one of many overlying targets for all is to assist everybody else of their evolutionary development so that everybody can transfer on collectively.

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