June 16, 2021

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Wasn’t It Sufficient You Took My Husband, Will You Take My Son’s Mandrakes Too

In a second of vacancy

she contemplated a burly wind

Not one thing others might think about

but it surely was nonetheless there, the idea is ethereal

like worshiping a god, a figment, fancy, fabrication

one other grave mark across the nook, under the phrases

But there’s pleasure in a stand nonetheless, open hearts,

lacerated heads, above the picture is superfluous and grand,

candy nectar the grins of kids dancing within the rain

There may be extra to it than most individuals might ever perceive,

deep feeling, ancestral leanings have come to satisfy the band

Nonetheless there’s absence within the rhythm, a notion by no means to happen

however generally it occurs with out house or motion it floats above a blue sky

in a rainbow flying so gently with a damaged wing a downcast remnant, a forsaken childless chicken however appears might be shattered in photos but to be realized, common random

components, lacking items, loosely fashioned estranged, outcast, by no means dwelling deserted alone

There’s a lot available hanging a semblance a way to understand the define fictitious partitions that hint the reminiscence of a picket home full with shiny clapboards wild shackles from a spring for there are solely so many ideas that may create a form missing resonance or a street to overcome destiny as a result of the eyebrows could embellish the orbit that seeks a land of its personal, empty epithets have damaged the pillars, ghosts and spirits reside so far-off rambling in snow, casting many doubts upon what was as soon as considered unknown.

Source by Gerald Marchewka