September 17, 2021

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Astral Physique Anatomy – Understanding the Astral Physique’s Ethereal Physiology

I suppose it sounds odd to explain the astral physique by way of physiology however the astral physique does even have an anatomy although it’s fairly totally different from the human anatomy. On this article I will confine my dialogue to solely the astral physique physiology however your ethereal kind does have some wonderful skills and abilities that I’ll solely briefly handle right this moment.

The Astral Physique’s Substance

The anatomical muscle mass, bone, pores and skin, organs and flesh of your astral physique are fabricated from ethereal plasma. When this extremely versatile materials is in its regular state, it’s of a silvery coloration and it glows emitting a white mild of variable depth.

Consider the comedian e book hero Silver Surfer to get the thought or I suppose you could possibly higher examine the astral construct to a luminous glob of scorching wax drifting and undulating in a lava lamp. Nonetheless, the plasma pores and skin of your astral physique is ready to change colours and textures as a chameleon however the change is of far increased high quality than a chameleon. The astral physique may remodel itself in kind, dimension, and look, like a legendary doppelganger or a form shifter.

Your Astral Physique

You astral physique’s solely pure limbs are silvery cords that reach outwards in all instructions. Visualize a spiny sea urchin fabricated from a glowing silvery flowing metallic however with the spines of many assorted thicknesses and every backbone extending out till it vanishes into the gap. Nonetheless with that stated, keep in mind that our astral our bodies even have the innate capability to change itself so it could seem to not have the silver cords and it could seem to have a humanoid physique form at will.

With the intention to allow you to to visualise the astral kind in its pure state, I need you to place a lava mild into your thoughts’s eye. As an alternative of the being orange or purple, the semi-liquid wax inside the new lamp is silver and it appears extra like molten metallic. However to make your psychological picture extra correct as to what the astral physique seems like, it’s good to add one other function.

Have you ever ever seen a plasma ball both in a science exhibit or as a cool lamp? Nicely, overlay the picture of a plasma ball over high of the lava lamp’s molten wax and make all of it a part of the identical entity that’s glowing silver. That is what your astral physique seems like when it isn’t actively making an attempt to look as one thing else.

Luminescence of the Astral Physique

The astral physique is silvery white in coloration however the mild it emits is of the purest white. The astral entity itself glows white and the identical white mild emanated from any limb that the astral physique protrudes. The depth of the white mild is variable and when the sunshine emitted grows extra intense, the ethereal physique itself turns into extra white than silvery as much as the purpose the place the astral physique’s substance seems to be fabricated from simply white mild.

I am certain you have heard of a white mild being related to a dying expertise and you have seemingly heard of individuals in a close to dying expertise eager to ‘step into the white mild’. The truth is the white mild they’re entering into is their very own astral entity that’s at its most luminosity when an individual is crossing over the cusp of dying.

Distinctive Astral Skills

The astral physique is a superb car for exploring the ethereal realities. It’s basically weightless, extremely maneuverable and completely versatile to mildew into no matter kind the astral traveler needs. The ethereal physique additionally has some wonderful extra skills.

Like the new wax glob in a lava lamp, your astral plasma entity can subdivide itself into a number of and make every portion seem totally different. To get pleasure from astral intercourse for instance, the astral physique can cut up into two and make the opposite half male or feminine as applicable. I believe that when a man tells of encountering a intercourse demon, it has almost certainly been a case of the astral substance forming the specified intercourse accomplice out of its personal astral plasma.

As in making a surrogate different gender self for astral intercourse, the astral physique may develop and detach demons. And I’ve by no means seen an precise self-aware demon anyplace in astral house and even the afterlife. All of the ‘demons’ I’ve encountered have been created entities that my astral physique has extruded and injected a semblance of mind into, or one which one other soul’s astral physique has birthed.

Astral Replica

You recognize that vegetation produce offspring with seeds however did you additionally know that some bushes just like the poplar have one other methodology of manufacturing saplings. The foundation of an older poplar tree will ‘sucker up’ many new bushes. However these saplings should not made of recent genetic materials like a tree born from a fertilized seed could be. New astral souls and their corresponding astral bodily selves are like a bud rising from the tendril roots that join different astral beings.

Nicely, I’ve just about given an summary of the astral physique physique. I can see that I’ve some extra articles to put in writing that may increase on the varied points of our ethereal and everlasting anatomy.

Source by Ernest Z Anton